Sunday, February 8, 2009

Imaginary Friends

Abby has the best imagination! She is always telling us the most amazing stories and she is so expressive. Several months ago Abby told us that we had a ghost living with us and the ghost
was the one causing all the mischief in the house...not her. Abby was very specific when she told us about this ghost and gave the greatest detail about what our ghost looked like. The thing that tickled us most was the fact that our ghost has Big Blue Boobs! Where she came up with that idea still remains a mystery. Thankfully our Ghost is friendly and likes to play tricks on us, and isn't scary at all. This afternoon I heard Abby in her room chatting away and when I peeked in and asked her who she was talking with she simply replied..."Mama, I'm chatting with the ghost with the Big Blue Boobs!" It was all so matter-of-fact, I just told them to stay out of trouble and have fun and she said "okay". Oh, to be 4 again!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Such a sweet story!
What a wonderful imagination she has.

Thanks for sharing!


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