Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Celebration Sneek Preview

Nope, it's not a dress for Abby! but rather these adorable little fabric fortune cookies I made for my family for our Chinese New Year Celebration. This year I really wanted to add a lot more fun and interesting celebrations for the kids beyond the tradition ones, although we will be celebrating those too! So tomorrow we are doing it up BIG for Chinese New year. The kids and I are going to make paper lanterns to hang and also a big paper dragon. We are also going to make Chinese Almond Cookies. I have made lots of fun little extras too. Everyone is getting a really cute placemat with their Chinese astrological sign and Chinese take-out boxes filled with treats. Plus dh is is bring home Chinese food from our favorite place. Yummy!!
Anyway, I found this adorable tut for fabric fortune cookies on brassy Apple's Blog and I made them for everyone. I used some really sweet fabric I got from Mary(flourishes) when I won one of her great bloggy give-aways. It's PERFECT!!!! because it has sweet little pandas on it. See Mary, I found the perfect use for one of your scraps!!!

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Cortni said...

I love it!! I have been trying to think of what I was going to do, but I totally thought it was Tuesday not tomorrow!! I have to get busy!!


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