Thursday, January 29, 2009

Argh!!! It's A Choir Gown

It's okay...I can take it! I know it looks like a choir gown. But I wanted to give this Otto a try. It's the "Otilla" from 6/07. It's adorable...but it has no shape whatsoever and looks like a tent on her. Oh well, no big loss. I used cheapo Walmart fabric rather than anything I treasured just in case it was a flop...and it was IMO. But it was fun to make and Abby likes it. I think I may make something a little more fitted for her actual V'Day dress.


Just Me said...
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Cortni said...

I can see where you get choir gown, but to me it looks like a nightgown. A very very cute nightgown! lol And I love the knit hat.

And when I am better (I have strep) we are gonna celebrate Chinese New Year with the kids and you will have to check out my blog to see all of the ideas I stole from you (like all of them)!

Dawn said...

Oh Cortni sorry to hear you have Strep. I'm just getting over a nasty cold too. I would love to see the pics from your Chinese New year and see all the ideas you "Borrowed" : ) I'm so flattered!

Raspberry Leaf said...

I made a nightgown out of the underdress that my daughter loves. I closed the back and made a slight sweetheart neckline to enlarge it so it would pull over the head. I also used a skinnier size and lengthened it and added narrower sleeves.

TerPatel said...

That is a cute choir gown for little girls. Do they also come in violet or blue color?

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