Monday, November 3, 2008

Yarn Luv

Thanks to my good friend Sabrina I have recently rediscovered crocheting. She is an avid knitter and is always telling me about her great yarn finds and all the fun new stuff their is out there for those of us who love playing with yarn. Now, I don't know how to knit, but I would love to learn and thankfully there is a wonderful yarn shoppe here in Williamsburg and they offer classes. So, I am thinking about signing up for one. Until then I am having a lot of fun brushing up on my crocheting technique and beginning to collect yarn. I have a very small, but fun stash and I am now always on the lookout for fun yarns. As if I need more things to collect. I also think I need to pick up a book on basic crochet so I can teach myself some more. I cannot tell you how relaxing it is to curl up in my chair and just crochet away. Unlike sewing it's so much more portable and doesn't require lots of thinking. So, it's the perfect activity to do in the evening when I am winding down from a hectic day and just need to be still for a while.


Anonymous said...

I just finished a crocheted wrap last week, the first crochet I've done on years.
I finally learned to knit about 4 years ago and that is my favorite take along project now, especially knit socks!

Dawn said...

Karen, I was just thinking about learning how to crochet socks. Now you have really inspired me.


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