Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Lollipop Bandit Strikes Again

We have two Lollipop fanatics in our house. Both Abby and Henry are obsessed with them. Their absolute favorites are Trader Joe's Organic ones, but if offered a classic pop, "dum dum", "Tootsie Pop" or any other variety they are just as happy. Of course their Halloween candy haul was filled with assorted types in all shapes, colors and sizes. My little "Pop Fanatics" were thrilled!!

Now, I am one of those mean mom's who limits her kids candy intake and that does not make me the most popular person at holiday times. So, I have placed their Halloween candy out of reach and I let them pick from their buckets a few times during the day. Yesterday I slipped, I took down Abby's bucket so that she could pick a piece and then I got distracted...imagine that...and I forgot to put the bucket back up out of reach. Well, guess who found it??? He must have snatched it when I wasn't looking and then of course out of sight, out of mind and he hid it away in his room. Sneaky little devil!

After dinner it was very quiet...too quiet in fact. I jumped up from the table and said "Where's Henry?" I found him upstairs in his room huddled in the corner with the candy bucket and a row of 11 unwrapped lollipops all ready for tasting. He was crushed when I collected them and put them up for safe keeping. But I am happy to announce that as I type this blog entry. Henry is happily sitting at the kitchen table with one of his lollipops. See, I am not so mean after all.

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Too funny!


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