Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Package From Grandma

I have often spoken about my grandma. The other day I received a small, but very meaningful package from her. I opened it with great anticipation knowing whatever treasures she decide to send would be cherished. I discovered a bag filled with vintage wooden spools of thread. All different, some empty and some still with bits of thread still there. Familiar brands and some I had never heard of. Grandma knows me so well! I instantly found a home for them in a silver candy dish given to me by my mother. This morning I was sitting in my sewing room thinking about my next project and I starred at that candy dish filled with spools and I began to wonder about their history. What beautiful things did my grandma make with them. I felt myself slipping into the past and remembering spending hot summer days up in my grandmothers attic wading through years and years of memories. Her attic is stuffed with bins, boxes, chests, and drawers filled with fabrics, laces, trims, patterns, and anything and everything else imaginable that a seamstress needs. She also has saved bits and pieces of things she used to create beautiful dresses for herself, my mom and me up there. I used to sit up there and listen to her share stories of her days in the 4H when she would design and create beautiful dresses to enter in the New York State Fair. Stories of making my mom stunning dresses for dances in high school where she and my dad would dance the night away. So many stories... I really should write them all down because they are true family treasures.

Grandma is 93 now, and as sharp as a tack but her body is very weak and frail. I miss her. Even now, I am tempted to hop in my car and drive to NY to go spend time with her because I know her time left with us grows shorter all the time. I want to hear more stories, share more memories with her, and hold her close. More than anyone she is my idol. We are so similar in our creativity and love of making pretty things. My sewing room has many treasures from my grandma's attic and they are a constant reminder of where my passion is rooted.


Anonymous said...

What a treasure, Dawn. Isn't it amazing how something so small can be so meaningful and filled with memories?

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Yes Mary, they are true little treasures, and although I would much rather have my grandma close by these little bits and pieces of her are very special and always make me smile.


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