Sunday, July 27, 2008

Insomnia Jam

What to do at 4am when you can't sleep? Make homemade Strawberry jam, of course. This insomnia of mine is really starting to drive me nuts. Night after night, I am wide awake at some crazy hour and just can't get back to sleep! So frustrating. This morning was no exception. I was up and wanted to be productive so I decided to make some fresh Strawberry preserves. Crazy, I know, but it sounded good at the time. From there I made a batch of yogurt, then onto a few loaves of banana bread, 2 loaves of regular bread, and finally a delicious Sunday morning coffee cake which is in the oven as I sit here typing away. The scent of cinnamon is filling the house and I am sure I will have four small children asking for cake very soon.

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