Monday, July 14, 2008


My Grandma is 93 years old and an amazing woman. Even though her body is starting to give up on her, her mind is still as sharp as a tack. I call her all the time to chat and we reminisce about old times and our sewing obsession. We talk about design, fabrics, and drafting patterns but best of all she shares her memories of days long past when she was a girl and how she would make pretty dresses in 4H and how she won all kinds of prizes at the county fair with her design. In fact she still has the newspaper clippings, scrap bits of the fabrics she used and the blue ribbons she won. Mom recently made a special scrapbook for her with all those memories. My grandmother's attic is a treasure trove of vintage fabrics, trims, buttons and laces all of which I will someday inherit but for now she still dreams of the things she wants to make with them. She doesn't sew anymore, but she loves to talk with me and re live her sewing days. She told me the other day, that she had always dreamed about designing and publishing patterns but that dream never came true, until me. I am her legacy and she is tickled pink that I am living out her dream. I love my grandmother so much and I am so proud to be so much like her. So, Thank You Grandma for passing on such inspiration.

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What a sweet thing to be able to share with your Grandma, I'm sure she is VERY proud of you!!


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