Friday, May 2, 2008

Abby in Monet's Garden

I feel so much better. I had attempted this new pattern a few days ago and it was a total flop in my opinion. Actually the dress looked more like a hospital gown rather than a cute little girls dress. Well, it bothered me!!! I knew the dress had a lot of potential, I just had to put on my thinking cap and figure out a way to "make it work". Thank You Tim Gunn!!! I totally re-did the sleeves with my own design as I felt the original was too skimpy. Then I designed a sweet little apron type pinafore to go over the top. The pinny is open on the sides, except where it ties. So the dress peeks through but it actually looks a lot cuter. I tested out my new design with some pretty fabric which reminds me of a beautiful Monet painting. I am much happier with this dress. than the original. Don't look for it, I felt it was too ugly to post pictures of. But here is take 2!

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