Monday, January 21, 2008

The "Titanic" Dress

This dress has caused quite the buzz at our house. The other night when I tried it on Abby for the first time Oliver, my oldest who is 8, says to me..."Wow, mom, Abby looks amazing, she looks just like Rose on Titanic! Then he says "If I were a girl, I would love to have a dress like that one!" I was completely blown away...that is quite a compliment coming from an 8 year old boy! Then the very next morning while I was finishing up some of the final touches on the dress Abby says to me, in her adorable 3 year old voice..."Mommy, I don't think this dress is such a good idea"..Hmmm, I say "Why not?" Well, she says..."This isn't exactly the type of dress you want to go floating in...the fabric will get all wet" I thought I was going to die and she was so serious when she said it. Needless to say for whatever reason this dress has been dubbed the "Titanic Dress" at our house.

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