Saturday, April 18, 2009

Name That Artist!!! Wanna Play???

Okay, you know me. I am always trying to challenge myself to come up with interesting sewing projects. This time I decided to take inspiration from a famous painting. Look familiar???

All made from yummy vintage linen in pale pink and white. The dress is just a simple little girls dress, but I decided to take the extra time and do this a-la Heirloom style and do a ton of the sewing by hand and I am loving how it turned out. The buttons are also vintage. Pale pink with little roses etched in them. Then simple little white bloomers...cute cute cute! Several other little girls at the beach were all admiring her outfit and one little girl said "I want clothes like that, Mommy!" My heart just filled with pride....anyway. Have you figured out where I got inspiration from today? Thanks for looking, and humoring me as always!

Here is the painting that inspired me. It was done by Jessie Wilcox Smith.


Anonymous said...

I can't say that I know the painting, but it certainly ooks like a scene that would appeal to Mary Cassatt.

Dawn said...

Nope, Not Mary Cassatt.

April said...

Oh, I totally love it! But you knew I would. :)

Dawn said...

April, I had a feeling you might really love this one. It's right up your alley! Very sweet, simple, classic and made from vintage fabrics and buttons...yup that sounds like April!

Goosegirl said...

I love it. I have that picture at my house too!


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